Victoria Hall

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I am a theatre.
A workshop.
And a home to artists, culture and events in our community.

Victoria Hall is a performance space. A theatre. A workshop. It's also home to arts and cultural organisations, a bustling little bar and events in our community.

Built in 1897, she's now 124 years old and to step into the space is to step into a piece of Fremantle's history.

Her impressive red velvet curtain is ready to lift on a whole new set of memories so please stay in touch with us about upcoming shows or hosting your next event.

Use The Hall


Live theatre, dance and music gigs are all welcome here. Servicing crowds big and small.


Corporate, community and private events that need space or some grace.


Weddings, anniversaries and milestone celebrations for any community.


Fine arts, sculptural or installation art lives alongside our performing arts. Display or develop.

Community Meetings

Educational classes, wellness, presentations, creative developments or gatherings.


Hosting events designed to raise capital for community works.

Victoria Hall is open to all kind of new proposals! Don't be shy, get in touch and say hello!


« The hall is also home to a range of creative residents including Fremantle Theatre Company, Fremantle Biennale, Spacemarket, and our events bar, The Dugite. Regular hires include Hub Studio, Loud & Victorious, Dancing Dhevas and more.
We look forward to holding the doors open to all members of our local community. Please reach out if your project also needs a space to call home »



Access and diversity.

Every person is equal, welcome and safe once they step through the door. The hall should be affordable and accessible to all who wish to participate,  educate or celebrate.



For the building, for expression, and for each other.


Open: in thought and style.

By granting voice to many, we listen better to all.


Who we are.

Renato Fabretti

Thinking of an event at Vic Hall?
Talk to this guy, he'll sort it out.

Christian Dill

If it pours within our doors,
this booze hound is the man
to sniff it out for you.

Latest Projects

2020 Season New

If you've been paying attention then you know our residents FTC have some hot news on the press.

THE OTHER PLACE by Sharr White is in performance as of October 14 - head to Ticketek for seats!

Or go join them on the Fremantle Theatre Company website for the fresh goss and tickets to the new show.

Learn More

Host's Message

Bringing Victoria Hall back to life has been a slow and loving joy. Offering new life to this grand space, as we have fresh paint to the old walls.

We've had time to get to know each other. Pouring over the scars, the warped timber, the twisted nails, and the tender bits that need a little fixing.

All the while revealing the great potential that space like this affords us.

The bones here are strong and sturdy, the history long and the future bright, and now we're filling it with the most inspiring people.

We look forward to this new dawn and the fruit it brings us all.

Booking Information

Anything you need to know about booking the Victoria Hall is available here at the Space-To-Co portal.

Rates, access info and venue capacities etcetera. Take a look before getting in touch with us to see if your work or event suits Victoria Hall!

Please Note:

- The Bar onsite is strictly NO BYO, so no, you cannot provide for your own events onsite, but our Bar team is very happy to accomodate your event needs.

- We can assist in providing access to gear, but no, the venue is not yet rigged to deliver sound and light for your event, these elements will need to be planned for and hired in.


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